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Compliance – 24/7

Scans your website for cookies and services


  • ICN-auto-update

    Regular website scans

    All URLs of your website are scanned by our crawlers and newly added services are detected. The scan intervals can be customized.

  • ICN-dse-cmp-sync

    Always up to date - Privacy Policy & CMP

    All cookies and third-party services are inventoried and categorized so that your Privacy Policy and CMP can be adjusted.

  • ICN-dsgvo-konform

    Stay compliant

    Included with Cookiebox CLOUD DSE

  • ICN_auswertung

    Detailed Analysis

    Thanks to our results report, you are always up to date on your website compliance and legal changes.

  • ICN_opt-in

    Peace of Mind

    Lean back and enjoy the benefits of our Monitoring service. No need to stress or worry.

  • ICN_benachrichtigung-email

    Automatic Notifications

    You will automatically be notified when the content of your insights changes.

This is how it works!

Scan of your entire website

Cookies can't hide from us!

The Cookiebox website scan is performed by a bot that simulates a real website visit. It scrolls and clicks through the website like a real user would do and thereby activates all cookies and trackers on the page - without giving its consent. These are analyzed for their technical properties and if users need to give their consent first.

Services und Cookies
Der Monitoring Website-Scan

Check your Website Compliance

Take our free test and find out, if your website is compliant.

Kategorien, CMP und Datenschutzerklärung

Categorization of found services

Where do these cookies belong?

The most important part is the legal assignment of cookies into categories. We help you keep the balance between law and marketing and categorize the services found on the basis of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO). Our certified data protection experts take into account current case law and cookie guidelines to keep you safe from legal fees.

Detailed reports

Cookies easily presented

In a weekly e-mail report, you receive the scan results with a data protection assessment and concrete recommendations for action.


Become compliant today!



Create your CLOUD privacy policy



  • Create your own privacy policy - with a few clicks and without technical jargon
  • Registration by simple question and answer process
  • Free hosting on our server
  • Monthly GPDR Check included
  • Language: EN



Deep Dive GPDR Check


Number of Domains

  • Deep Dive GDPR scan of all subpages
  • Scan against the latest GDPR database
  • Regular scan
  • Report 1x Monat
  • Support via Tutorial
  • E-Mail Support
  • Two different languages selectable



24/7 data protection compliant


Number of Domains

  • Privacy policy-as-a-service
  • Initial setup from certified Data Privacy Officer
  • Regular scan and report 1x month
  • Scan against the latest GDPR databasa
  • Deep Dive GDPR scan of all subpages
  • Tutorial Support
  • E-Mail, Phone Support
  • Two different languages selectable



Full Service Web Compliance

On Request

  • Privacy policy-as-a-service in 10+ languages
  • Regular scan
  • On demand and daily scan
  • Deep Dive - GPDR scan of all subpages
  • Scan against the latest GDPR database
  • Tutorials, E-Mail and Phone Support
  • Personal support from certified data protection consultants
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) - all services, products and consulting customized to your website cluster and requirements
  • On request: Google Tag Manager configuration, opt-in optimization, compliance audit (CMP and privacy policies)

Further questions? We are happy to answer them!

Feel free to reach out. We will be happy to help you with any questions concerning our products or data protection in general:

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