Cookiebox Monitoring

Compliance – 24/7

So that your website will still be compliant tomorrow

Your benefits

Regular scan of the website

All URLs of the website are scanned by our crawler and newly installed services are detected. The scan intervals can be individually adjusted.

Privacy Policy and CMP always up to date

All cookies and third-party services are inventoried and categorised so that privacy policy and CMP can be adjusted.

Detailed analysis

Thanks to our results report, you are always up to date on your website compliance and legal changes.


Identify services in your portfolio that unnoticeably load third-party providers.

Saving time and effort

You need to waste less time and worries with the issue by enjoying the benefits of the monitoring service.

Constantly in focus

You will be notified regularly by e-mail about the results of the monitoring.

Scan of the entire website

Cookies cannot hide from us

The Cookiebox website scan is performed by a bot that simulates a real website visit. It scrolls and clicks through the website as a real user would do and thereby activates all cookies and trackers on the page - without giving its consent. These are analysed and categorised according to their technical and data protection properties.


Categorisation of the services found

Drawers open - cookies in! Only where?

The most important part is the legal classification of the identified services into categories. We help you to keep the balance between law and marketing. We categorise the services found on the basis of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). Our TÜV-certified data protection experts take into account current case law and cookie guidelines.

Detailed reporting

Cookies presented in an easy way

In a weekly email report, you will receive the scan results with a data protection evaluation and concrete recommendations for action.



Why do I need a website scan?

COOKIEBOX's website scan finds out which cookies and third-party providers are served on your website and what you need to do to become GDPR-compliant. In order to protect the privacy of your users, you must not only inform them about first-party cookies - these are cookies that your website uses - but also about third-party providers - and obtain the explicit consent of your users for the use of these. The purpose of the scan is to locate all first- and third-party cookies used as well as third-party services of a site and to support website operators on their way to a privacy-compliant handling of user data.

Which cookie categories are there?

A difference is made between consent-requiring and information-requiring services.

  • The consent-requiring services include all technologies for whose data processing consent is required. These are, for example, most analysis or marketing tools, but also some third-party content providers such as YouTube. Depending on the purpose of use, they are classified either as analysis, marketing or functional.
  • Then there are essential or necessary services. These only count as services subject to information requirements, as their data processing may be covered by another legal basis under the GDPR. These include, for example, security providers such as Cloudflare or consent management platforms themselves. These services can either be listed in the privacy statement or added as an "Essential" service in the CMP.


How do I apply the recommendations for action?

  • Tool advice: Since data protection laws also place certain requirements on cookie banners, particularly with regard to obtaining consent, but also on the interfaces to third-party providers, the selection of a suitable tool is extremely important. Our experts for web compliance will advise you on the selection of a suitable consent management tool.
  • Integration & Configuration: Once you have decided on the suitable consent management tool, we will be happy to support you with the technical integration and configuration, so that the cookie banner functions perfectly and only cookies that the user has consented to are played.
  • Individual design: On request, our team of UX designers and programmers will create your individual cookie banner design for the optimisation of opt-in rates and marketing revenues.
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