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Legal meets Tech – that describes the profile of COOKIEBOX in three words. We specialize in webcompliance, meaning the technical as well as legal consulting and implementation of necessary measures for data protection compliance of websites.

With a combination of technical expertise and decades of experience in data protection, we support the implementation of consent management software (cookie banners), privacy statements or similar.

jörg ter beek portrait

Jörg ter Beek

Managing Director, Head of Sales & Partnerships

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Arthur Ott

Managing Director, Head of Consulting & Development

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Martina Brinkmann

Head of Legal

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our goal is to support companies in their efforts of web compliance – i.e. data protection compliance for websites. With our work, we want to make complex data protection accessible to large and small companies and unite it with marketing goals. In doing so, we rely on intelligent and up-to-date software that permanently solves the challenge of rapid change.


Why make things simple when they can be complicated? This motto seems to prevail in data protection. We think the world is already complex enough and web compliance shouldn’t be. Simple solutions that are comprehensible not only to you, but also to your customers, are what we believe fulfill the purpose of data protection in the first place, namely the ability to make informed decisions.


To achieve web compliance, different areas need to work together. Data protection deals with compliance and the possible interpretations of the directives (DSGVO). Technology ensures that these are implemented correctly. Design takes care of the appropriate look and optimization of the respective measures. If these three disciplines come together, you get an optimal result – namely successful web compliance.


Our advice is based on current legislation and the cross-industry experience of our data protection experts. We disclose how we work and communicate our honest and professionally risk-averse assessment, based on which a decision can be made for your company.

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jörg ter beek portrait

Jörg ter Beek

Managing Director, Head of Sales & Partnerships

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jörg ter beek portrait

Jörg ter Beek

Managing Director, Head of Sales & Partnerships