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PRIVACY HUB: everything you need in one place

The Privacy Hub is a platform for the central organization and automation of GDPR requirements on any number of websites. The no-code platform allows you to conveniently operate and implement many tasks via the browser – on many domains, in 10+ languages.

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Privacy Hub Features

One platform, all the possibilities

01. Insights

GDPR audit of your websites

Check each desired domain regularly for cookies, pixels and 3rd party services. The Deep Dive scans every URL of a website, including a comparison against the COOKIEPEDIA database.

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Bye-bye Word, Excel & PDF!
02. Website Privacy Policy

Privacy policy as a service

Generate your privacy policy with just a few clicks. Once integrated on the website, all GDPR requirements can be managed centrally and simultaneously – the end of copy & paste.

03. Social Media

Social media privacy policy

Every social media platform needs its own privacy policy! Once generated in the Privacy Hub, you can manage all platforms (for many companies and controllers) centrally from the Privacy Hub.

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04. Privacy information

Art. 13 GDPR by means of a link solution

Fulfill information obligations by means of a deep link in the email signature in order to efficiently guarantee the rights of data subjects to the general data protection information.

05. Cookiepedia

Knowledge database about cookies & co

In our online library you will find information on all relevant cookies and 3rd party services, including a data protection assessment and tips on alternatives.

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Driven by Experience

Consulting turned into code


Before the GDPR and cookie banner obligation came into force, compliance with data protection requirements on websites used to be quick and easy. The legal and technical requirements have changed drastically since then; the resulting complexity can no longer be implemented manually.


We have acquired our GDPR skills over the past ten years as external data protection officers in hundreds of projects. Our developers have translated this experience into many thousands of lines of code to automate to-do’s – this is how compliance works today and in the future.

Info & News

The Cookiebox Blog


Google Fonts Warning

On January 20, 2022, the Munich I Regional Court determined that Google Fonts on websites are contrary to data protection and not covered by the legitimate interest under Article 6(1f) DSGVO.
Will the wave of warning letters now overtake us?


Cloud Privacy Policy Free

Privacy policies are no fun and are usually difficult to understand – and even more difficult to create. We have the solution: pro bono publico (for the benefit of the public). Sounds a bit pathetic, but it’s meant quite seriously.


Google Server-Side-Tagging

With the introduction of server-side tagging in August 2020, Google has listened to the wishes of many customers and delivered an attractive alternative to the established, “conventional” tag manager, which improves a lot in the area of data sovereignty and data protection.

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jörg ter beek portrait

Jörg ter Beek

Managing Director, Head of Sales & Partnerships