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The smart privacy policy that updates automatically – for Facebook, Instagram and Co.

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The solution for privacy policies for social media

To expand a company’s reach online, social media is optimal.


Contrary to what most people think, it is not enough to refer to the use of social media in the privacy policy of your own website.


What most companies don’t know is that each social media platform requires its own privacy policy and imprint reference.


Social media profiles are also subject to the guidelines of the GDPR, which must be complied with.


The social media PP must therefore be urgently distinguished from the general privacy policy of your company website. The same also applies to the imprint.

Your benefits with our Privacy Policy

Content and formal accuracy of your PP

Our data protection experts take care of the content and formal correctness of your PP. This includes the individual adaptation of the content after a deep dive audit of the entire website and hosting on a GDPR-compliant server.

Automatic updates

Once the CLOUD PP is installed, we will maintain your privacy policy and keep it up to date. If legal or data protection requirements change, we update them – without you having to do anything, automatically and remotely.

10+ Languages & Accessibility

We translate the privacy policy into more than 10 different languages: German, English, Dutch, Russian etc. and also provide barrier-free access.

Insights included

Our insights check your website at regular intervals by scanning it to see whether any services or technologies requiring information have been added. If this is the case, we take care of adjusting the content of the privacy policy.

Easy integration

The CLOUD PP can be easily integrated into the website via a JavaScript and is compatible with all CMS and store systems.


The privacy policy synchronizes live with the user settings made in the CMP (by Usercentrics).

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FAQ - Social Media Privacy Policy

Here, the requirement applies that the imprint as well as the privacy policy for your social media channel must be accessible within a maximum of two clicks.


Most social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram offer the possibility of a link for this.

1. Forwarding-Link


A redirection URL containing the terms “privacy policy” and “imprint” could be set up. At the same time, the requirement for a “speaking link” can thus be fulfilled.


The created redirect link can also direct to the home page or to any other subpage, if necessary. From there, the user can also easily access the footer and thus also the imprint.


– Requirements of Section 5 (1) TMG 

– Direct visitors to a desired page without breaking the 2-click rule 



2. Landingpage


A landing page offers the advantage of being able to list all the necessary links to which the website visitors are to be directed (imprint, privacy policy,…) bundled on one page.

The link to the landing page can then be added to the respective social media profile.

Important: Pay attention to a “speaking link name”. It should be obvious to the visitor which links are hidden there.

If the visitor is on the landing page after a click, all further links can be listed there.

Design tip: Adapt the number and presentation/design of the links to your company’s corporate design!

Also make sure that the page is optimized for mobile devices!

According to Section 5 (1) of the German Telemedia Act (TMG), service providers are obligated to provide the respective mandatory company information. According to case law, however, the imprint obligation contained therein does not only apply to company websites. The obligation also extends, for example, to commercial Facebook pages or the company’s own Instagram profiles.

If your business uses social media platforms to gain greater reach or customer contact, legal requirements must be met.

Company-owned social media sites must adhere to and have the following criteria:


– Privacy Policy

– imprint

– Information requirements


Important: However, this will not help your company if the privacy policy or the imprint have incorrect content.

Any questions?

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