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Google Fonts Warning

On January 20, 2022, the Munich I Regional Court determined that Google Fonts on websites are contrary to data protection and not covered by the legitimate interest under Article 6(1f) DSGVO.
Will the wave of warning letters now overtake us?


Cloud Privacy Policy Free

Privacy policies are no fun and are usually difficult to understand – and even more difficult to create. We have the solution: pro bono publico (for the benefit of the public). Sounds a bit pathetic, but it’s meant quite seriously.


Google Server-Side-Tagging

With the introduction of server-side tagging in August 2020, Google has listened to the wishes of many customers and delivered an attractive alternative to the established, “conventional” tag manager, which improves a lot in the area of data sovereignty and data protection.

usercentrics cmp v2

Usercentrics CMP V2

What are the benefits of version 2 of the Usercentrics Consent Management Platform? – All questions answered here

usercentrics cmp

Usercentrics CMP

Usercentrics is the leading provider of Consent Management Platforms (CMP) – also known as Cookie Banner – and thus enables advertisers to obtain, manage and document the consent of their users for marketing and data strategies in a data protection compliant manner – applicable legal requirements (GDPR, CCPA) are met!


Review of free Cookie Scanner

GDPR & cookies are not friends and probably never will be. But you can do your best to bring them closer – with the help of a website check.

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Jörg ter Beek

Managing Director, Head of Sales & Partnerships

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jörg ter beek portrait

Jörg ter Beek

Managing Director, Head of Sales & Partnerships