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Review and DSGVO check of your website – the comprehensive analysis of your internet presence

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Better safe than sorry

Cookies, pixels, tags, Google Fonts and Analytics etc.: It is not quite trivial to keep track of the installed (3rd-party) technologies on one’s own website. 


In order to meet the requirements of the GDPR (and TTDSG), the first step is a deep scan, i.e. an overview of the third-party services used. On the basis of this, any necessary measures can be envisaged.


Should the COOKIEBOX QUICKCHECK have delivered a red result: Play it safe, prevent unpleasant fines and unnecessary trouble!


It’s that simple:

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In 3 steps to the goal

data processing services

1. Deep Dive - every url of your website is checked

We find every cookie!

Multiple crawlers scan your entire website and simulate accesses from different browsers. We analyze the entire website, not just representative parts. Every small subpage, every service and every content block is captured.

2. Categorize found services

Where do you put the cookies?

Once the deep scan is complete, the data protection assessment (categorization) of the results follows: Essential services require information and belong in the privacy statement. Data processing services for analysis and marketing purposes require consent and belong in the Consent Management Platform, also called Cookie Consent Banner.

cookie kategorien
cmp beratung

3. Technology / Data protection / Marketing

Consulting by data protection experts

In a discussion with a data protection expert, every detail of the result is clarified – including recommendations for action.

Test our knowledge and experience from thousands of analyzed websites!

Cookiebox Deep Dive

Deep scan, report and recommendation for action – the comprehensive GDPR check of your domain for a (small) fixed price!

1 – Deep Dive: Scan and analysis of every subpage (URL), categorization of all cookies, pixels etc. included.


2 – Review of the report: 30min remote call with the Cookiebox team (Tech & DPO), explanation of the results and individual recommendation for action for your website.

/ one-time per domain

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Jörg ter Beek

Managing Director, Head of Sales & Partnerships