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The Cookie-Scanner-Widget:

For more transparency in data protection

Cookiebox Quickcheck is a free tool for detecting cookies and third-party services on websites. After entering the domain, the scan is started and within a few minutes a detailed report on the website’s compliance with the GDPR is automatically generated.


Best of all, Cookiebox’s Quickcheck widget is free and available to everyone!

Transparent & Free of charge

We believe that the scan service can provide everyone with a good first indication regarding the GDPR status. That’s why our Quickcheck is free and available to everyone.

Individually customized

The widget should fit seamlessly into your website. That’s why we take the time and customize the widget together with you to your desired design.

Easily implemented

To install the scanner on your website, you will receive a small code snippet from us. Once inserted and you’re done! Your customers can now use the scanner.

Request a scanner widget for your website

You want to implement our Cookie Scanner on your own website? Write us a message! We will gladly take the time to customize the widget according to your custom design for free. Our developers are always ready to help you.

You want to customize the widget yourself?

In this case, we have compiled detailed technical documentation in Confluence for you. If you need additional support, please feel free to contact us directly.

Check your Website Compliance

Take the test with our free quick scanner!

How does the Cookiebox Quickscan work?

The website scan is performed automatically by a bot that simulates a real visit. It interacts with the website – just like a real user – and thus triggers all cookies and trackers without the bot having given its consent. The results of the scanner are then summarized in a report.


NEW: Our bot gives consent since the last update. This allows your client to see the third-party services that they misconfigured and configured correctly to get an even better picture of the (GDPR) situation.

Any questions?

Then feel free to call us. We will help you with questions about our product and features or generally about all data protection topics:

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