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Integration & Optimization of your Consent Management Platform

We implement your Consent Management Platform (CMP) for you and ensure a top visual and privacy compliant result.


Take a Deep Dive

Compliance Audit

The use of cookies and 3rd party services requires the consent of the user - so far, so well known.

The central challenge here: on what basis is the configuration of the consent management tool based?

In the COOKIEBOX audit, every URL on your website is checked to provide you with a meaningful report on the quality and effectiveness of your consent management - including tips and recommendations for action.

In 7 steps to the perfect CMP

CMP Setup

A consent management project poses challenges. To ensure project success, the cooperation of different stakeholders is necessary: Legal, Tech and Marketing have to work along the setup process towards one (and the same) goal - we organize and moderate this process, no matter if one or one hundred websites are part of the scope.

Analytics & Reporting

Opt-In Performance

Compliance is only one aspect of implementing a Consent Management solution. Beyond that, marketeers and GDPR have to be reconciled. The application of legal requirements threatens restrictions that can affect the tracking and profiling of individual visitors or the optimization of the website.

When configuring a CMP, therefore, care must also be taken to achieve the highest possible opt-in rates. To achieve this, A/B testing, contextual consent, color design and the design of graphical elements are an essential part of a successful project as well as our portfolio.

Without any optimization
Cookiebox Optimization (Risk affine):
Cookiebox Optimization (Risk averse):

Global Scope


Multisite and Multilingual

To allow users to make transparent decisions about the processing of their data, all information must be provided in a language that is accessible to everyone. A German or English CMP alone therefore does not meet the requirements of an international target group.

In addition, it is important to display only the information that is relevant to the website being visited. Text jungles can be interpreted as misleading by the data protection authorities. For this reason, you will receive all the necessary data protection texts in your CMP in the languages you require.

Privacy goes global

Legal regulations around the world, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), or guidelines from national data protection authorities (e.g., the German DSK, the French CNIL, etc.) are setting new standards for existing data protection laws.

Anyone operating in these markets should be familiar with the rules of the respective market - including the rules of cookie consent.

Professional Services

Time and energy must also be invested in the management of a CMP during ongoing operation. After setup, we provide the following tasks:


Analysis & Monitoring

of the website(s)
We check the websites with regard to possible data protection violations, for example through incorrectly integrated trackers, content elements or cookies.

Technical connection

of the CMP with other products
For example, we provide support in updating tags in tag management systems such as Tealium or Google Tag Manager, as well as in integrating new services in the CMS that are to be connected to the CMP.

Service information

to fulfil the information obligations
Regardless of a consent is needed or not - for each data processing on the website, the corresponding information must be shown. We help with the research & comprehensible preparation.

Privacy advice

on the overall topic of web compliance
To keep you up to date with all the legal requirements and changes, we inform you about everything you need to know.

Maintenance & Support

of the CMP
In order to stay up to date, we take care of updating both the software and the content of the CMP to cover the latest legal changes.

Privacy policy

and link to the CMP
In addition to the CMP, we also support you in providing an always up-to-date privacy policy on all your websites.
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