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COOKIEBOX helps companies to comply with the requirements of the GDPR – automated, affordable, on a single platform

Google Fonts, Plug-ins & 3rd party trackers – is your website really legally compliant? Check your Website in only 60 seconds.

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The Privacy Hub is an editorial system for the central organization and implementation of the GDPR requirements on any number of websites. 


The so-called “no-code” platform, allows the editor (DPO, webmaster, etc.) a comfortable operation via the browser – anytime and anywhere.

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Our Mission: Full Service Website Compliance

The perfect combination of technology and personal consulting


Our intelligent softwares solve the technical side of data protection and provide the basis for a legally compliant and user-friendly interface on your website. COOKIEBOX products are characterized by easy integration, maximum compatibility as well as affordable licenses.

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We have acquired our GDPR skills in more than 10 years of consulting as an external data protection officer. We share this experience with our clients and support them in their website & compliance projects, from consulting to the selection of suitable software to the review of the consent management.

Delegate risk, leave data protection to the professionals

Deep Dive Audit

During a deep dive audit, we examine your site in detail and find every cookie set. All services are then categorized in terms of data protection and a recommendation for action is made for your Privacy Policy and CMP.

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cmp beratung
Setup & configuration, opt-in optimization and much more.

CMP Consulting

From setup and configuration of your CMP to opt-in optimization using data analytics, A/B testing and marketing expertise. We help you to get the best out of the cookie banner and become sustainably compliant.

Data Processing Services & Cookies

Cookiepedia Knowledge base

In our knowledge base you will find relevant information about many cookies and services used on websites. There you can read about the operator and our assessment – whether the service may be used under GDPR law.

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The Cookiebox Blog


Google Fonts Warning

On January 20, 2022, the Munich I Regional Court determined that Google Fonts on websites are contrary to data protection and not covered by the legitimate interest under Article 6(1f) DSGVO.
Will the wave of warning letters now overtake us?


Cloud Privacy Policy Free

Privacy policies are no fun and are usually difficult to understand – and even more difficult to create. We have the solution: pro bono publico (for the benefit of the public). Sounds a bit pathetic, but it’s meant quite seriously.


Google Server-Side-Tagging

With the introduction of server-side tagging in August 2020, Google has listened to the wishes of many customers and delivered an attractive alternative to the established, “conventional” tag manager, which improves a lot in the area of data sovereignty and data protection.

Any questions?

Then feel free to call us. We will help you with questions about our product and features or generally about all data protection topics:


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Jörg ter Beek

Managing Director, Head of Sales & Partnerships

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jörg ter beek portrait

Jörg ter Beek

Managing Director, Head of Sales & Partnerships